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Navigational Information

Navigational aids within the Gippsland Regional Ports conform to the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Buoyage System "A". Starboard-hand (or right side) marks are green, whilst port-hand (or left side) marks are red. Cardinal marks are yellow and black; Special marks are yellow and isolated danger marks black and red.

In using the system it is essential to remember that the direction of buoyage is taken from the seaward entrance of these ports. When returning towards the entrance the situation would be reversed.


The Snowy River is obstructed at its entrance by a sand bar over which depths vary. At times the entrance may be closed, due to the shifting nature of the sand.
Extreme caution should be taken on seaward side boat ramp due to weather, shoaling, varying water levels and strong tidal influences.

Bridge Clearance

The bridge clearance over the Brodribb River near Marlo is 3.5 metres, measured at mean tidal level. Clearance may vary in certain conditions (e.g. loss of clearance during times of flooding)


There are no marked channels in the Port. Vessel operators should take care on the seaward side of the boatramp due to shoaling and variable water levels.