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Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers is located on the south coast of Victoria, east of Lakes Entrance, approximately 350 kms (4 hours travel time) by road from the Melbourne CBD, accessed by the Princes Highway via the major tourist town of Lakes Entrance.

Lake Tyers is a small waterway which is generally closed to Bass Strait, although on occasions is opened by prevailing weather and water levels or assisted by man. The lake is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers and anglers alike. Most of the Lakes and extending arms are navigable by recreational vessels.

Notice To Mariners

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Navigational Information

Navigational aids within the Gippsland Regional Ports conform to the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Buoyage System "A". Starboard-hand (or right side) marks are green, whilst port-hand (or left side) marks are red. Cardinal marks are yellow and black; Special marks are yellow and isolated danger marks black and red.

In using the system it is essential to remember that the direction of buoyage is taken from the seaward entrance of these ports. When returning towards the entrance the situation would be reversed.

Boating Facilities

Vessel operators are requested to observe the time limits of the statewide “Colour Coded Berthing Zones” when using public facilities within the Port/waterway.

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All in water Navigation Aids

All on land Navigation Aids

All swing mooring areas


East Gippsland Shire

Lakes Tyers No 2 Boat Ramp and Jetty

  • Floating jetty adjacent to boat ramp for loading/unloading only. Single lane ramp with parking and toilet facilities in vicinity.

Lakes Tyers No 2 Boat Ramp and Jetty


Lakes Tyers Fishermans Landing Jetty

  • Destination jetty with low landing available. Areas reserved for permanent permit berthing. Single lane ramp with parking and toilet facilities in vicinity.

Mill Point Launching Area

  • Gravel boat ramp only, with parking

Lakes Tyers Nowa Nowa Boat Ramp Jetty

  • Jetty adjacent to single lane boat ramp for loading/unloading only.

Lakes Tyers Nowa Nowa Boatramp Jetty


Lakes Tyers Nowa Nowa Floating Landing

  • Destination jetty with floating low landing available for loading/unloading only

Lakes Tyers Nowa Nowa Floating Landing


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