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Anderson Inlet - Navigational Information

Relevant Chart AUS 801

There are draught restrictions at Anderson Inlet depending on the condition of the bar and the state of the tide. (Ref: Admiralty Sailing Directions Australian Pilot Vol. ll Nautical Publication 14)

Vessel operators are advised to carry a copy of the tide tables when operating in these waterways and to seek local knowledge if unsure of the tidal flow. Operators should also be aware of strong currents at the entrance and that severe sea conditions exist on the shallow bar outside the entrance.

Navigational aids within the Gippsland Regional Ports conform to the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Buoyage System "A". Starboard-hand (or right side) marks are green, whilst port-hand (or left side) marks are red. Cardinal marks are yellow and black; Special marks are yellow and isolated danger marks black and red. Safe Water Marks are red and white.

In using the system it is essential to remember that the direction of buoyage is taken from the seaward entrance of these ports. When returning towards the entrance the situation would be reversed.


Anderson Inlet Channel*
Due to the dynamic nature of Anderson Inlet channel depths, its course, and the location of navigation buoys are subject to change.

Venus Bay Boat Ramp Channel*
A shallow channel that can only be navigated by shallow drafted, suitably designed vessels during favourable tide conditions. The seabed in the channel and adjacent areas consist of very fine silt.

Tarwin River*
Due to shoaling, access to the river is restricted to shallow drafted vessels.

* Vessel operating and zoning rules apply.


Local knowledge is required to cross the entrance of the bar, due to varying depths, shifting shoals, strong tidal currents and dangerous sea states.


It is advised to carry a copy of the tide tables when operating in these waterways. Seek local knowledge if unsure of the tidal flow.