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Management Structure

NICK MURRAY - Chief Executive Officer

NICK MURRAY - Chief Executive Officer
  • Manage Gippsland Ports to ensure achievement of organisational objectives
    and legislative requirements
  • Organisational development and strategic direction
  • Management of organisational risk
  • Policy, program and budget development, management and implementation
  • Media contact and authorised spokesperson
  • Community, government and agency engagementand liaison
  • Customer service and relations

GREG HATT - Operations Manager

GREG HATT - Operations Manager
  • Manage Operations Staff
  • Asset management, boatyards and slipways, wharves and jetties, navigation aids and signs, land buildings and structures, plant vessels and equipment
  • Facility Planning and Development
  • Major Projects planning and development
  • Planning, coordinating, implementation and monitoring forward years rolling works and maintenence programs
  • Grant applications
  • Planning referals
  • Interagency relationships

STEPHEN MARTIN - Finance and Business Manager

STEPHEN MARTIN - Finance and Business Manager
  • Manage administration staff
  • Administration staff competency training and accreditation
  • Budget coordination and preparation
  • Financial systems and reporting
  • Payroll, Creditors and debtors
  • Annual report production
  • Grant funds accounting and acquittal
  • User fees and charges
  • Terms of credit and debt collection
  • Statutory and internal audits
  • Asset valuations and disposal
  • Titles, leases, agreements and licences
  • Website design and management
  • Rental property management
  • Management of IT and communications systems
  • Board administration
  • Audit and Risk Committee Support

DAVID HOLDING - Organisation Risk Manager

DAVID HOLDING - Organisation Risk Manager
  • Risk Management strategy, framework and plans
  • Risk audits
  • Management of Environment Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Staff and contractors EHS and risk management advice and compliance
  • Staff EHS competency training and accreditation
  • Port safety and environment management plans, manuals and
    standard operating procedures
  • Incident recording, investigation and reporting
  • Emergency management planning
  • Maritime security planning

BEVIS HAYWARD - Harbour Master

  • Manage marine department
  • Manage emergency response arrangements
  • Manage oil pollution response arrangements
  • Responsibility for Harbour Master's directions, maps,
    Notices to Mariners, on water permits, and maritime security plans
  • Port operating instructions and guidelines

DAMIAN SNELL - Port Access Manager

DAMIAN SNELL - Port Access Manager
  • Manage the hydrographic and monitoring services
  • Prepare, implement and manage dredging programs
  • Manage operations of owned and chartered dredges
  • Manage operations of sand transfer system
  • Manage the Ocean Access program at Lakes Entrance