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Gippsland Ports was established in 1996 to provide a regional service to the local community, visitors and other user groups. Gippsland Ports is the local Authority responsible for the application of the Marine Act and other related legislation for the five local ports and two waterways detailed below.

Gippsland Ports is the designated waterway manager of 1,431 sq km of some of the largest and most beautiful waterways in Australia, stretching from Anderson Inlet to Mallacoota over 720 kms of the south-eastern coastline of Victoria. By comparison, Sydney Harbour managed waterways total 55 square kilometres and Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay totals 1,934 square kilometres in area.

The areas managed consist of five designated Local Ports

and two waterways

Waterway management responsibilities include navigation, port operations, regulation, security and compliance, boating safety, incident management, emergency response, maritime security, oil spill response and salvage and dredging and sand management. To achieve these responsibilities, Gippsland Ports employs a team of approximately 50 highly trained staff located at Port Welshpool, Paynesville, Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale.

In managing the ports and waterways, Gippsland Ports works closely with other authorities and organisations such as the Shires of East Gippsland, Wellington, South Gippsland and Bass Coast, Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, Department of Primary Industry, Environment Protection Authority, Parks Victoria, Tourism Victoria, Marine Safety Victoria, Victorian Water Police, Ocean Rescue, Coast Guards and the Gippsland Coastal Board.


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