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About the Port

The Port of Snowy River is located on the south eastern coast of Victoria, in far East Gippsland, approximately 400 kms (5 hours travel time) by road from the Melbourne CBD. It is accessed by the Princes Highway to Orbost, and then along the tourist road to Marlo.

The Port of Snowy River is a small estuarine waterway adjacent to the small township of Marlo, with an entrance to Bass Strait. The entrance remains open for most of the year, although on occasions is closed by the prevailing weather and river water levels. Marlo is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers and anglers alike. The Port of Snowy River includes the waters of the Snowy River upto the point where the Orbost-Marlo road leaves the river and the Brodribb River upto Orbost-Marlo Road bridge, and also extends out into Bass Strait for a radius of 3 nautical miles from the entrance.

The waterway is navigable by recreational vessels to just beyond Lochend on the Snowy River, and to the entrance of Lake Curlip on the Brodribb River.