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Gippsland Lakes - About the Port

The Port of Gippsland Lakes is one of Australiaís biggest and most beautiful inland waterways. The Port waters cover 420 square kilometres from Sale in the west to Lakes Entrance in the east, and include Lake Wellington, Victoria and King. The port waters also include the lower reaches of the Latrobe, Nicholson, Mitchell and Tambo rivers. A man made ocean access at Lakes Entrance has provided safe passage to Bass Strait since it was opened in 1889 and has contributed significantly to the regionís history.

The waters of the Gippsland Lakes are safe and pleasant to navigate but there are areas of shallow water, which may not be identified by navigation aids. Many parts of the Lakes are accessible only by boat; however, public toilets, picnic facilities and fresh water are available at, or in the vicinity of most public jetties. There are numerous public destination jetties for casual berthing throughout the Lakes system, although boat operators should be aware that time limits apply to all public jetties. It is recommended that new users obtain a copy of the Gippsland Lakes Boating Guide for navigating the lakes and the adjoining rivers.

The Port of Gippsland Lakes is easily reached by road and is adjacent to many towns of East Gippsland including Sale, Bairnsdale, Paynesville, Nicholson, Swan Reach, Metung and Lakes Entrance.