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General Information About the Port

The Port of Anderson Inlet is located on the south coast of Victoria, west of Wilsons Promontory, approximately 140kms (2 hours travel time) by road from the Melbourne CBD, accessed via the small South Gippsland town of Inverloch.

Anderson Inlet lies at the head of Venus Bay, extending from its entrance to Bass Strait approximately 11 kms to Tarwin River at its head. The Port provides good recreational boating areas, however, the Inlet is tidal and at times the locations in which vessels can operate are restricted due to water depths.

There are draught restrictions at Anderson Inlet depending on the condition of the bar and the state of the tide.

Vessel operators are advised to carry a copy of the tide tables when operating in these waterways and to seek local knowledge if unsure of the tidal flow. Operators should also be aware of strong currents at the entrance and that severe sea conditions exist on the shallow bar outside the entrance.